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Citrus Cycling

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Citrus Cycling Sponsors

  •  Blue Run Bicycles
    11352 N. Williams St.
    Dunnellon, FL 34431
    (352)465-7538 - Website

  •  Stevens Roofing Inc.
    5476 W. US Hwy. 41
    Dunnellon, FL 34432
    (352)489-6255 Website - Map

  •  Suncoast Bicycles
    322 N. Pine Ave
    Inverness, FL 34450
    (352)637-5757 Website - Map

  • D & R Marine Canvas
    4531 N. Williams Ave.
    Crystal River, FL 34428
    (352)795-0257 Map

  • Slaymaker & Nelson, P.A.
    Inverness Office:
    2218 Highway 44 West
    Inverness  FL  34453
    352-726-6129 Website - Map

    Homosassa Office
    6237 S. Suncoast Blvd.
    Homosassa  FL  34446
    352-628-1204 Website - Map

  • American Classic
    5420 Airport Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33634
    (800)813-9040 Website

Citrus Cycling "Team Sponsors"

Note: These companies offer discounts that are available to Citrus Cycling Members.

  •  VCRC Bike is committed to supporting cycling through it's sponsorship program. VCRC Bike offers a 40% discount to members of it's sponsored teams. Click on the logo above to visit their website to check out their products, the other teams that they sponsor (including Slipstream Sports and Team Castelli) and use this link to contact us for the team discount code. Note: This discount is available to Citrus Cycling Members only.

  • Percision Bike Lube Located in Orlando - Precision Bike Lube's Racing Lube has been specially formulated to allow you maximize the full potential of your road bike. An environmentally friendly formula, Racing Lube is a complex synthetic designed to go on wet, clean road grime, penetrate pins and other bearing surfaces and then changes its reology to protect and lubricate wear surfaces. Racing Lube is also formulated to shun road grime build up. It is an all weather lubricant with an advanced technology blend of extreme friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, cleaners, and rust and corrosion inhibitors.

  • Neuvation Cycling Great Products, Great Prices. Contact Chuck Holstein if you're interested in getting the club discount.

  • Velo Vie - We are about creating customized, superior, and innovative bicycle frames. Our distinctive plan is to provide our riders with a lifelong, custom teammate, their Velo Vie bicycle. We bring our product to the customer through an easy to use web site, making it effortless to attain your custom, lightweight, and high-speed bike. Our aspirations are to encourage healthy lifestyles along with competition by providing these state of the art bikes with countless exclusive features including Carbon Axis Technology. We strive to create a close knit and enthusiastic community of elite Velo Vie members, who will share in their triumphs of Velo Vie through programs...

In order for Citrus Cycling to be successful we need your support. Your support will help us promote the sport of cycling throughout our area. We proudly display our sponsors' names and titles on our club jersey and shorts which are worn on club rides and team events.

Benifits of being a sponsor:

  •  As a club we encourage patronage of each sponsor's business by members of the club as well as the community.

  •  We maintain links to all of our sponsors websites from this website.

  •  Carbon and Titanium Sponsors Logos are displayed on the club cycling Jerseys and apparel that will be seen regularly as club members cycle in and around the area and also at area cycling events.

  • All Sponsors Logos are displayed on Club TShirts

  • Cycling fits with most people's idea of healthy living and how the company can use sponsorship to promote the idea that they have the same ideals/interests as their consumers/clients.

  •  Your company will proudly be associated with the ever growing sport of cycling in our area.

  • Your Contribution to the club may be Tax Deductable, consult your accountant.

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal for sponsorship, we are truly grateful to our sponsors for their generous support.